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In this moving collection of 100 poems, Mitch Ditkoff touches on what it takes to be a conscious human being: reflection, wonder, appreciation, longing, open-heartedness, love and the full enjoyment of the present moment.

Your poetry has given me one of the greatest gifts of all… Hope.
Michael Nouri

Television & Film Actor / Peace Spokesperson

Mitch’s poetry resonates with the story of my life and pours forth like an erupting volcano, igniting that unnameable thirst within.
Joan Apter

Joan Apter, Healer & Author, "The Miracle of Thirst"

Unspoken Word is entrancing – a stellar accomplishment. This precious book is a rare treasure, a cloudburst of wisdom, a true feast for the soul.
John R. Audette

Author, "Loved by the Light: True Stories of Divine Intervention and Providence"

Mitch Ditkoff’s poems are striking and lyrical.  His wide-range of poetic styles reflect the gentle romanticism of Rilke and Gibran and the wry wit of Billy Collins. Like Rumi and Hafiz, Mitch has the gift of distilling infinity into words that inspire you to feel its vastness within you.

Francisca Matos


About the Author

Born in 1947 and currently residing in Catskill, NY, Mitch Ditkoff is the author of four books of poetry and three books on storytelling, two of which are recipients of Axiom Book awards. A father of two and former Huffington Post writer, he is also the co-founder of three consulting companies dedicated to unleashing creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit: Idea Champions, Sage Catalysts and Face the Music. His favorite quote?  “The world is an illusion, but you have to act as if it’s real.”
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Ditkoff connects everything with invisible threads of joy that point to a past, present and future of profound acceptance and gratitude for what is.
Rabbi Zoe B. Zak

Temple Israel of Catskill, NY

I spent a month reading a few poems each day from Unspoken Word. It became a journey of searching my own soul.
Hank Alpert

President, Spartan Petroleum Corp


I’ve just read the first few poems and am very touched. Tears started falling almost immediately. How beautiful! For me, what you’ve written is a love letter I want to savor.”
Susan Hubly


Mitch Ditkoff’s poetry is inspired – an invocation for guidance, grace and opening to a life of love. His writing makes the unseen world visible and palpable. It opens the heart.
Stevie Ray McHugh

Author, God Enough


Aug 8 Poetry Workshop, Temple Israel of Catskill, 220 Spring St, Catskill, NY, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Aug 19-24 Poetry readings and book signings, Minneapolis, MN.  Events to be scheduled
Sep 15
Poetry reading: Temple Israel of Catskill, 220 Spring St, Catskill, NY, 7:00 p.m.
Sep 16
Poetry reading: Temple Israel of Catskill, 220 Spring St, Catskill, NY, 10:00 a.m
Oct 10 Poetry Workshop, Temple Israel of Catskill, 220 Spring St, Catskill, NY, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Oct 22 Performance with Steve Gorn & Barbara Bash,  ASK (Arts Society of Kingston), 5:00 p.m, 97 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401
Nov 14 Poetry Workshop, Temple Israel of Catskill, 220 Spring St, Catskill, NY, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Unspoken Word evokes some of my favorite devotional poets, Rumi in particular. For any seeker, these pages will delight with a familiarity similar to remembering an enchanting dream that has long been forgotten.
MaryAnne Erickson

Fine Artist

From the very first poem in this book, we find ourselves on a journey all of us share in common. Mitch Ditkoff has eloquently put into words the transcendence of our limitations as we experience the grace of being human.
Steve Ornstein

Steve Ornstein, Founder, IsraelSeen


Why I Wrote Unspoken Word

Why I Wrote Unspoken Word

Return to Home PageI wrote this book for the same reason flowers bloom. There is a force of nature within me that begs to be expressed. It’s as simple as that. It takes many shapes, this life-giving energy. It has many moods, many moves, many moons. On a good day, I...

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Choosing the Poetry of Life

Choosing the Poetry of Life

Return to Home PageThere is a moment in everyone’s life when all the cards are on the table, all the chips, too — the moment of truth when the entire universe, it seems, is conspiring to call one’s attention to the choice we have every single day to let go of the past...

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